• Ctqmat24-Conference-Web-Header

    2327 Sep 2024

    CT.QMAT24: International Conference on Complexity and Topology in Quantum Matter

    CT.QMAT24 is the second international conference of the Cluster of Excellence ct.qmat on emerging quantum phenomena resulting from topological physics and its interplay with many-body interactions in diverse quantum matter settings, from topological electron materials to quantum spin systems and photonics. It will be taking place in the city of Dresden, Germany.

  • Les-Houches

    29 Oct08 Nov 2024

    Les Houches School 2024 - Frustrated Quantum Magnets

    The field of quantum spin liquids has evolved significantly over the past five decades, driven by the availability of frustrated magnetic platforms like pyrochlore, hyperkagome, and hyperhoneycomb materials. Modern sources of magnetic frustration enable the creation of novel forms of magnetic ordering at low temperatures. Progress in understanding the microscopic origin of these states is attributed to the collaboration between theory and experiment, facilitated by advancements in numerical quantum many-body approaches. The school aims to introduce fundamental concepts in frustrated magnetism, providing a series of lectures and tutorials involving experimentalists, theoreticians, and numerical experts.

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